24/7 Monitoring

It was a very clever commercial. Four masked men enter a bank with baseball bats yelling “on the floor, on the floor”. A woman patron laying on the floor looks up to a man dressed as a security guard and whispers, “do something” and the man replies, “Oh, I’m not a security guard, I’m a …


An MSP Should Be Your IT Business Partner

A high-quality managed service plan will include a component that addresses your firm’s information technology strategy. Many managed service providers refer to this as virtual CIO (vCIO) services.


One Monthly Fee & No Surprises

Having a single recurring monthly fee for all your technology services clearly solves the problem of receiving a surprise invoice, while sharing the responsibility for uptime with the vendor.


Layered Security Keeps Your Network Safe

Over the past several years, in response to the success that hackers have had in gaining access to our personal data and key information, we have all had to modify the way we approach our IT systems. If you’re using the same strategies that you employed five years ago, then you are vulnerable, and you need to change your security plan.


The Anatomy of an Email Hack

Rachel did everything correctly. She had a very strong password. She didn’t use the same (or even a similar) password for any other account, and yet her email was hijacked. Hacked. What happened, and how could this have been avoided?


Look For The Lock: Ensuring Website Legitimacy

When browsing the Internet, you may have noticed that some sites will display a lock icon next to the URL address (as shown below): This icon, along with the ‘s’ following ‘http’ in the address line, is your indication that the communication between your device and the website is secure. When logging into your credit …


Why Password Variation Is Critical: Credential Cracking & Credential Stuffing

Recently, there have been two high-profile customer data breaches in the news that are examples of credential cracking and credential stuffing: on November 9th at Dell Computers and on October 31st at Dunkin Donuts. The Dunkin Donuts incident required all DD Perks members to change their passwords. Let’s dig a little deeper and look at …


Cybersecurity For Today’s Network Threats

The threats to your network and your phone are increasing each and every year. According to the independent IT-security institute, AV Test, over 350,000 new malware programs are written every day! Over 125 million new malware applications were written in 2017 alone. While the cybersecurity industry does a great job identifying threats and providing tools …


Spear Phishing and Fake URLs

Spear phishing attacks are often more successful than regular, broad-based phishing attacks because of the way hackers are able to personalize emails containing malicious files or links. If you receive a phishing email that is addressed “Dear Customer” or “To our Registered Clients,” you are less likely to be fooled than by a duplicitous email …


How Long Should You Retain Email?

If you Google this question, you will find some very thoughtful responses. As for me, I try to determine the value of each email immediately after having read it, deciding whether to delete or keep it. At the end of the day, I like to focus on the emails that came in that day and …