Our Approach

Dedicated to being your trusted partner in information technology and business innovation

Today’s business technology moves faster than ever, with more and more solutions being introduced at lightning speed. With all of these “solutions” sprouting up every day, the ability to discern whether or not they are credible and able to alleviate your pain is becoming more difficult by the day.

We wipe away this confusion and potential frustration by acting as your guide. We provide you with the vision and practical direction needed to navigate through the complexities of today’s IT offerings. By focusing on your concerns and explaining your options, we will partner with you to find the best IT solutions for your specific needs.

At NetCenergy, we strive to earn your trust every day. We accomplish this by aligning our interests with your own, offering affordable, flexible solutions to your IT needs, providing an unmatched level of expertise and service, and sharing cutting-edge, smart ideas to help your company grow.

Affordable Flexibility

While your business and its IT needs are unique, there’s one thing nearly every business owner is looking to do these days: save money. If you want to reduce costs without sacrificing impact, NetCenergy is positioned to deliver customized IT solutions at a fraction of the expense of hiring a full-time employee. By working with NetCenergy, your IT dollars will work harder and go farther.

For companies without an internal IT staff, we’re an extremely affordable option, providing the highest quality service with none of the overhead,
training, and benefits employees require.

For companies with an in-house IT staff, we can seamlessly integrate with the existing team in a complementary way.

This approach helps keep IT costs down by allowing companies to temporarily supplement their staff when projects come up without having to hire an additional team member.

Aligned Partnership

We’re On Your Team

Many IT service providers have prepackaged offerings and one-size-fits-all contracts. They profit by locking clients into rigid contracts, selling costly extras, and limiting support access. At NetCenergy, we do things differently. From day one, we pride ourselves in getting to know your business in ways that others only talk about. By immersing ourselves in your business, we find cost-effective, customized IT solutions that extend beyond a product sheet, and leverage our relationships to provide you with access to vendor promotions. We are fully focused on aligning our interests with yours. It’s what we call an interests-aligned partnership, and ultimately, it means we’re on your team.

Our success is directly tied to yours, and it’s a partnership we value.


At NetCenergy, we pride ourselves in the rigorous coursework and continuing education we put ourselves through to fully harness the products and services we are offering. In addition, you also benefit from our vast experience in regulation- and compliance-demanding industries such as healthcare and banking that require a high level of expertise and sophistication.

By partnering with the NetCenergy team, you gain more than outstanding products and services. You also tap into our industry partnerships, utilize our knowledge and skill sets to your benefit, as we deliver impactful IT solutions.  When you see a partner’s logo on our site, it represents a deep partnership of the highest level of integration. Because of this, we have access to a higher level of service, partner support, and customized offerings that directly impacts the solutions we can offer your organization.

At NetCenergy, we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Knowledge Transfer

The NetCenergy team knows that informed clients are happy clients. We do not follow standard practices that encourage keeping valuable information “close to the vest” to increase client dependency. We feel that it is our role as your technology guide to give you access to as much of our education and expertise as possible. We are happy to transfer this information to your team, knowing that this transparent act serves as the foundation of a trusting, collaborative partnership.

At NetCenergy, we don’t just swoop in and fix what’s broken. Rather, we help you learn to better utilize technology and understand how it works to ensure you get the most out of your IT investments.

Thought Leadership

Today’s technology landscape can feel overwhelming, with new advances popping up at an alarming pace. It takes an ongoing sense of exploration and vigilance to keep a finger on the pulse of this changing industry. What small to mid-size business could possibly keep up if technology is not its core business?

With NetCenergy, you will be partnering with a forward-thinking expert with the vision and passion to ensure you are leveraging the most cost-effective, impactful solutions available. At NetCenergy, we make it our business to keep you running ahead of the pack.

NetCenergy doesn’t just “keep up.”

We stay on the leading edge of today’s technology so you can too.

Our Approach