Internal IT Teams

As the leader of Information Technology,
your department is the backbone of your organization’s core functions.

You carry the responsibility of providing expertise on strategic initiatives that impact overall performance, while managing the day-to-day operations of the organization. This is a huge undertaking for one department and can often leave your employees feeling overwhelmed and unable to complete all of the tasks at hand. NetCenergy gets into the trenches with your internal team, so they can focus on more important initiatives that support the organization’s overall goals.

Side-by-Side IT Support

We provide support where your internal IT department needs more resources or extra help. Additionally, we offer specific expertise to supplement your internal capabilities and help make a larger impact with strategic initiatives. We’ll work with your team side-by-side to not only improve your organization’s operations, but also aid your IT department in being more efficient. We’ll augment your internal staff depending on your IT department’s unique strengths and weaknesses, harnessing their full value. This could mean taking on the generic support work so your IT experts can focus on long-term strategies, or providing higher-level, consultative guidance.

  • eNCompass, a custom-built support plan, covers everything you need in an IT infrastructure. We’ll take care of implementing and maintaining it.
  • We’ll meet with you in-person at your location. Experiencing your business operations onsite is the only real way for us to form the deep understanding needed to develop a comprehensive IT strategy.
  • We’ll work with you directly to develop a cost-effective plan that streamlines your operations and builds an IT foundation for your organization’s future goals by designing solutions that maximize ROI.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring and Live Support

As your partner in IT, we’ve developed a compensation structure that doesn’t reward us for phone time or fixes. Our interests are aligned with yours, driving us to ensure you experience optimal efficiencies in your IT. We have the resources to continuously cover both monitoring and break / fixes for all persons in your organization. We make sure each component is functioning properly. This allows you to move your internal hires off of mundane tasks and allow them to do what you hired them for: making your organization more productive from the inside.

  • We can see every device and its utilization, including all computers, hardware, and mobile devices.
  • We proactively monitor alerts and resolve any problems that occur as soon as they appear.
  • Our Help Desk is available and ready to answer calls and perform fixes, freeing your team from spending time on break / fixes.

Vendor Support

Through our network of top-level partners, such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco, VMWare, and more, NetCenergy has the benefit of access to exceptional technology with very reasonable pricing. We have the ability to reach out to our partners directly, as well as share vendor resources with your internal team that are not available online. As a result, we provide clients with IT solutions of unmatched quality, which they haven’t been able to access nor afford until now.

  • Our large networks of partners allows us to choose from a variety of products to provide exactly what you need at the best prices.
  • Our partners are eager to speak with our clients directly and provide training and workshops for their IT departments and other employees.
  • Rather than having your IT professionals spend hours on the phone with customer service, we can speak directly with the vendor for faster service or connect your employees with the right people from the start.

To find out more, read our Internal IT FAQs