Our Team

At NetCenergy, we feel that our people are our product

With the myriad of IT solutions in the marketplace becoming more and more commoditized, it is our employees’ intelligence, work ethic, integrity level, and ability to recommend cost-effective, highly impactful solutions that separate NetCenergy from the competition. Our future rests with our employees, and we are committed to their professional growth and development. We believe in investing in our people, maintaining open lines of communication, empowering our team, setting clear expectations, and providing our people the freedom to pursue their interests and hone their skills. Together, we all endeavor to make NetCenergy the best IT solutions provider in the business.

Donald Nokes


In 2003, Donald Nokes co-founded NetCenergy with the goal of creating a professional, responsive, competent team of Information Technology experts to consult with clients and create an extension of their internal management and IT teams. Nokes began his IT career in 1980 and has held senior management positions with companies ranging in size from $3 Billion to $10 Million in annual sales. Nokes is the President of the Rhode Island Business Group on Health, member of the Rhode Island Business Coalition and as a member of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Affair Committee.

    Daniel Charland

    VP - Business Development

    Dan Charland leads the business development and strategic relationships effort for the company as co-founder of NetCenergy. Charland assists NetCenergy’s clients with identifying and implementing the appropriate IT infrastructure to support their business goals and strategic objectives.

      Peter Nelson

      VP - Engineering

      Peter Nelson has over 20 years of experience in the technology arena. Today, Nelson is a co-founder of NetCenergy and drives the development of technology offerings and products for NetCenergy’s clients and directs the team of NetCenergy professionals, supporting and monitoring their technical trainings and certifications.

        Peter LaChapelle

        VP - Operations and Finance

        Peter LaChapelle joined NetCenergy in 2015 and is responsible for leading all of NetCenergy’s operations and accounting functions. Each department within NetCenergy reports through LaChapelle. He brings his years of experience to maintain a pragmatic, efficient, client-focused team at NetCenergy. LaChapelle joined NetCenergy after completing a 27-year career with Home Loan and Investment Bank which culminated in his senior management position as COO and CFO for the bank.

          Margery Ahearn

          Manager of Human Resources

          Margery Ahearn is responsible for the company’s HR programs and processes. As an IT consulting firm, professional development is a major area of emphasis for NetCenergy and Ahearn oversees our dynamic professional development program. Ahearn has held key HR positions at GTE, Boston Business Group, Wang Laboratories and Aspect Medical Systems before joining NetCenergy in 2014. Ahearn holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Southern New England University.