At NetCenergy, we partner with healthcare providers, listen to their concerns, and learn their operations before recommending any solutions.

We have developed a program for healthcare professionals to achieve their future goals with the right IT infrastructure. A large percentage of our portfolio is in this industry, allowing us to make strategic recommendations based on facts and experience. Our unified management of mobile devices, applications, content, and data with uncompromising reliability and security gives our clients comfort in knowing their systems are both streamlined and compliant.

Industry Experience

With over a decade of experience working with healthcare facilities, we understand how patient care functions and what infrastructure is required to support day-to-day operations and security requirements. Additionally, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ organizations to grasp what makes them unique. We visit each facility, ask questions, and dive into learning about each client’s services and business operations. As you continue to take care of your patients, let us take care of you.

Compliance and Regulations

Staying abreast of the latest compliance and regulation requirements in the healthcare IT space can be a daunting task. Through NetCenergy’s eNCompass program, we integrate a multi-layered approach to Protected Health Information to both on-site and in-cloud IT systems. This program assists our clients in meeting these ever-changing federal and state mandates. Our ability to proactively manage security risks and protocols provides our clients with reliability, discretion, and the ability to safely and properly manage sensitive information.


The HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules are mandatory for all healthcare providers, so it is important for us to protect our clients’ organizational and patient information. We are well-versed specialists in HIPAA requirements, and have built infrastructures and exceed the legal and organizational standards.

  • We stay current with new developments and are guests at boards where current industry concerns are discussed.
  • We proactively manage security risks and protocols.
  • If you are unsure if your infrastructure meets HIPAA requirements, we perform a step-by-step security risk assessment.

Strategic Consulting

The right IT infrastructure can help streamline operations for healthcare providers. We take the time to build a plan, budget for the future, and find the perfect solutions that will maximize ROI and build a foundation for achieving long-term visions. Every IT plan is practical, detailed, and actionable. Each solution varies according to what will take each individual healthcare provider to the next level of patient service.

Ongoing Support

We know to anticipate the unique needs that arise from patient service. We manage each client’s assets and maintain a reliable IT environment for healthcare providers by proactively monitoring their systems and preventing breaks before they occur.

  • If we notice something that is at risk of creating problems, or is a symptom of a larger issue, we evaluate the entire system and fix the “root” of the issue.
  • We proactively resolve problems as soon as they occur so you experience as little downtime as possible.
  • We do not perform unnecessary upgrades or sell fancy service packages that do not make any real progress for your organization.