Professional Services

As the owner of a professional service, we understand how important your clients are to you and how crucial it is to have easy, protected access to their information.

That’s why we craft an IT environment that enables you to focus on them and not have to worry about technical difficulties or security breaches. Your routine changes daily and your clients need to be your top priority. Let us make it our top priority to take care of you with a solid and reliable IT infrastructure, empowering you to give your clients the best and most attentive service possible.

Industry Experience

Busy schedules leave no time for lawyers, accountants, and agents to spend time on IT, or act as a CTO themselves. Data enables you to make quick and effective decisions, providing value to your clients. Leverage our experience building solutions for professional services and focus only on driving results and spending time with your clients.

  • We have implemented and maintained solutions for professional and financial services including law firms, CPA firms and accounting practices, real estate brokerages, insurance brokers, banks, credit unions, and other professional service businesses.
  • We always take the time to understand your individual needs, how you work, and what your clients expect from your service.
  • As a professional service company ourselves, we strive to be there for you the same way you are for your clients.

Strategic Leadership

Having the right IT solutions can make a huge difference in your bottom line, client management, and overall efficiency. Working in a client-driven field, you take the time to develop a thorough plan for each client that incorporates their unique factors and desired end goal. We’ll do the same for your business and provide a comprehensive, actionable plan based on a deep knowledge of your business.

  • Our team becomes fully intertwined with your business, aligning our goals with yours and developing a long-term action plan centered on achieving your goals.
  • We review our plan regularly and update it as your needs change and your business evolves.
  • We build a foundation that enables our clients to plan more effectively for the future and enables us to deliver real impact for your business.


NetCenergy’s expertise in professional services has compelled us to become security-driven and maintain compliance in a changing regulatory environment for our clients’ operations. It is crucial that your business not only meets the legal requirements, but is protected and all of your sensitive client and financial information is safe.

  • We stay current with new developments in compliance, regulatory, and privacy issues for your particular business.
  • We proactively manage security risks and protocols.

Ongoing Support

It is our priority to ensure that your business runs smoothly and that your employees and clients have a positive experience. We work with you to ensure that you can focus on your responsibilities while we focus on your needs, securing and managing enterprise content and applications.

  • If we notice something that is at risk of creating problems, or a symptom of a larger issue, we evaluate the entire system and fix the “root” of the issue.
  • We proactively resolve problems as soon as they occur so you experience as little downtime as possible.
  • We do not perform unnecessary upgrades or sell fancy service packages that do not make any real progress for your organization.