Public Housing Authorities

We have great admiration for the much-needed homes that housing authorities provide to local communities.

In fifteen years of experience building IT solutions and surveillance technology for public housing authorities, we have learned the intricacies of the housing sector and understand what is necessary to keep your network operational and secure. We pride ourselves on our partnerships with public housing authorities and have developed a deep understanding of each client’s individual operations so we can build and manage the perfect solution.

Industry Experience

Fifteen years of experience with public housing authorities has enhanced our knowledge of the technologies required to support day-to-day operations and security requirements. Our team gets into the trenches with you and collaborates with your front-line staff so we can thoroughly grasp your needs. We ask questions to fully understand each housing authority’s unique operations. As a result, each housing authority that partners with NetCenergy is equipped with a unique system that is custom-built to their needs.

  • We perform a comprehensive site survey of your multiple locations.
  • We understand that keeping resident information safe is a priority and take measures to protect your data.
  • Our solutions are compliant with HUD guidelines, state guidelines, and procurement policies, enabling us to develop reporting for HUD and state regulatory agencies.
  • We provide performance tracking so you can easily see the status of your equipment and how your technology is being utilized.

Safety and Surveillance

The right surveillance system will increase your capability to protect your residents. Our ability to provide quality IT services while complying with housing regulations provides our clients with reliability, discretion, and the ability to be vigilant in keeping their residents safe and comfortable.

  • We implement and manage IP video surveillance security solutions that display clear, high-definition images.
  • An IP-based system allows the cameras to be accessed via the internet, so you can view each surveillance camera from any computer or mobile device onsite or remotely.
  • Events are logged and recorded with a point-and-click process that makes investigating specific events fast and easy.
  • We incorporate local cities and towns with your technology by connecting your surveillance system to law enforcement agencies.

Proactive Approach

We understand it is crucial to anticipate the needs that arise from keeping residents safe and happy. We establish and maintain a reliable IT environment for housing authorities by proactively monitoring their systems, preventing breaks before they occur, maintaining servers, and performing offsite backups.

  • Our asset management services include installing and managing the right system of computers, IP security surveillance, and wireless networks that link your centralized and satellite offices.
  • If we notice something that is at risk of creating problems, or is a symptom of a larger issue, we evaluate the entire system and fix the “root” of the issue.
  • Our services include vendor management and managing ERP systems, such as HAB and HAPPY.