Health and Wellness Company Migrating to the Cloud


Client Profile:

A health and wellness consulting firm located in Southern Rhode Island with approximately 35 employees that offers customized programs to Fortune 500 companies has engaged NetCenergy for over 6 years as their IT solutions partner. Their business model must be flexible and resilient in order to service their client population of over 10 million people. Since the company was founded in late 1990, this client has no inside technical staff and has depended on NetCenergy to proactively monitor their systems on a daily basis and continue to make recommendations in the form of an IT plan each year.


Once a small business with their own server hardware located in their offices, they discussed their need to seek new IT alternatives so they would not have to upgrade and house a new server in their office anymore. They were looking at ways to minimize their IT cost and other alternatives associated with the location of their own IT equipment. As their company grew exponentially, they were challenged enough just trying to keep up with their recruiting and training of new employees with limited time, if any at all toward their IT requirements. Because of this, they approached NetCenergy seeking new IT solutions that would reduce their IT cost while at same time maximize their productivity.


NetCenergy mapped out a long-term technical roadmap to accommodate their client’s overall business plan and growth. Initially NetCenergy addressed their client’s most immediate desire, to eliminate the need to have a server on site, by offering them an initial cloud solution consisting of Infrastructure as a Service. This enabled NetCenergy’s client to focus on their core business by remotely accessing their data from NetCenergy’s secure colocation facility via Terminal Services. As their business grew and there was a greater need for a CRM system, their IT data needs and storage requirements also changed. They started to look at various cloud based application solutions but at the same time they needed to leverage their existing data being stored off site. Once again NetCenergy took into account the client’s new requirements along with their expected business growth and crafted and implemented a customized hybrid cloud based solution. To ensure a successful transition, NetCenergy made sure the entire previous stored data was maintained locally in a secure network environment, complete with virus and spam protection as well as web filtering. NetCenergy also provided overall Project Management and ensured that all of the critical components of the plan were implemented successfully and working to the client’s satisfaction. The end result was a hybrid cloud solution consisting of PCs, network equipment and local data storage along with the integration to existing public cloud offerings that would support both local and remote users.