Large Medical Practice Seeks Complete System Upgrades for 24 Hour Optimization


Client Profile:

A large, private, nonprofit community health center providing multiple health services including healthcare, counseling and other need based services has entrusted NetCenergy with their IT needs for over 3 years. Founded over 42 years ago, the client serves three regional areas in Rhode Island with multiple offices, all with specific IT needs. While they do have their own small technical staff that is shared amongst their multiple locations, the client also supplements their staff by insourcing NetCenergy’s talent when special projects permit. Additionally, NetCenergy is contracted to monitor their network and makes proactive recommendations as part of this partnership.


Due to their rapid expansion, need for more and more IT solutions, and 24-hour operational needs in some locations, the client needed to implement an IT solution that could grow with them while minimizing their hardware investment, maximizing productivity, and providing complete failover. Their systems also had to be able to be up and running at optimal levels 24 hours a day, a very demanding task for any IT system. NetCenergy was aware of this need and after a full evaluation of their system, presented the client with an IT plan to address of all their desired upgrades while causing little disruption to their need for 24 hour system utilization.


As an already existing NetCenergy client, NetCenergy knew just what the client needed and developed a plan that would be completed on time and was respectful of the Client’s budget, leveraging their existing IT network when we could, and making only the necessary upgrades in other areas. NetCenergy was able to upgrade their critical systems that needed to remain on location and implemented virtualization for all their other systems. Because of the clients various locations, and their shared need to be able to communicate, NetCenergy recommended and implemented an external storage area network which provided de-duplication throughout their entire network. By streamlining their entire IT Network, the client’s IT systems were able to run at optimal levels, 24 hours a day.