Manufacturing Company Upgrades to New Server


Client Profile:

Founded over 25 years ago, this family owned and operated manufacturing company in Rhode Island produces quality natural wood consumer products. While the client does provide services and goods from their East Providence location, they do a majority of their sales over the internet, requiring them to have the right IT systems and network in place to handle their customer’s online transactions.


The client’s inventory, accounting, shipping, manufacturing, and all historical data were housed in a single software package. Because of this, it was imperative that their IT systems be running at peak performance to be able to operate efficiently and maximize production. With a new and more robust version of their software package available, the client was looking for help upgrading their IT systems to be able to take advantage of the new software application available to them and to further grow their business.


Since the client had been using a small local IT service company, they asked for referrals from other companies that they had relationships with. Once they gathered their referrals, they narrowed the field down to a few and conducted interviews and received proposals to accomplish the IT upgrades. NetCenergy’s interview and proposal was found to be the most professional of the candidates and NetCenergy was chosen to complete the upgrades for the client. With all outdated equipment, NetCenergy upgraded their complete IT environment, talking them from multiple servers to one server with all of their applications virtualized. NetCenergy also put firewalls in place to solve any email and spam issues as well as providing more security for their online customers. Because the customer needed to stay fully functional during the upgrade process, NetCenergy completed the work over a three month window, by splitting the project into two phases and completed the project by migrating all of the client’s data and applications to their new IT environment. With the successful completion of this project, and based of their experience with NetCenergy, the client chose to continue their relationship with NetCenergy by engaging them for continuous IT support. The client also signed up for NetCenergy’s NetCare Managed Service for their server which provided them with daily monitoring and service response.