Mid-size Medical Practice Transitions to EHR System


Client Profile:

Founded in 1987, this mid sized medical practice has three medical offices across Rhode Island. While their IT environment consists of multiple servers and dozens of workstations, it is important for all three offices to be able to share data from one central location. Additionally, all three offices perform sensitive medical procedures in their offices on a daily basis, so it is critical that their IT environment run seamlessly and at full optimization at all times. Since the client has no IT staff in-house, they rely solely on their relationship with their IT service provider to keep their systems running with no interruptions.


With new heath care regulations and incentives in place, the Client was tasked with selecting a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system and then implementing it across their three locations. Once the Client had selected an EHR solution, they then began the search for the right IT solutions provider to help make the transition to the EHR system as smooth as possible while also selecting and implementing the correct hardware and software as needed to support the new EHR system. After interviewing multiple IT solution providers and reviewing proposals and quote packages, NetCenergy was chosen as the IT solutions provider to assist during their transition to their selected EHR solution and on-going support.


The Client chose NetCenergy’s proposed solution because it was comprehensive in nature, while leveraging the existing IT in place and upgrading any IT that could not support the EHR system that was chosen. Over the next few months, NetCenergy installed two servers that shared storage and virtualized their systems, ensuring the remote offices had the appropriate connectivity to the central office. Because the Client needed their systems running at full optimization, NetCenergy also developed a managed services package specifically for the client to support and monitor their entire virtual environment on a continuous basis. As a result of the successful transition of IT systems and constant support while implementing their EHR system, the practice continues to seek NetCenergy’s guidance when making enhancements to their system, such as patient portals and has chosen NetCenergy as their permanent IT solutions provider for day to day technical needs.