Staff Augmentation

Project Work

NetCenergy’s experienced IT support professionals are available to supplement your existing staff on an as-needed basis during large projects, equipment installs, or periods of increased workflow. This allows you to temporarily increase your workforce or access specific skill sets without the long-term commitments and costs of additional employees. Often, our clients find the additional expertise so valuable that they choose to make the arrangement permanent. Whatever the time-frame, whatever the need, NetCenergy has the staffing solutions to get your job done right.

Insource Staffing Program

Most companies outside the IT industry simply do not have the expertise to assess their short and long-term IT needs, craft an accurate job description, or evaluate potential new IT department team members. This is why NetCenergy offers a unique interim staffing program designed to help with your IT staff recruitment efforts. We will screen and interview candidates for you, ensuring that each one has the qualifications, knowledge, and skills to effectively serve and represent your company before presenting our top candidate(s) for your consideration.

We know hiring staff is more than finding someone with the right skills. Employees need to fit well into the specific organization. That’s why, once you select a new team member, s/he will work on a three-month trial basis. During this time, should you determine that the candidate is not a good fit, we will bring in a replacement with as little disruption to workflow as possible. Once you’re confident that we have the best candidate in place for the job, your new team member will transition from NetCenergy and sign on permanently with your organization at no additional charge.