Surveillance is a key component of an organization’s safety and security system, keeping a vigilant eye on your facilities even when you are not there. With the advent of IP and digital solutions, surveillance has become an affordable option in overall workplace security.

New Technology for Surveillance

Old-school surveillance technology often conjures up images of closed-circuit TV that yielded black-and-white images hardwired via coax cable and offered low definition analog images. The new technology is both IP based and digital, delivering advanced security surveillance solutions that are also affordable.

Why IP?

Your security surveillance system often becomes an extension of your computer network. Much like you add or attach network appliances such as laser printers, scanners, and PCs to your computer network, your surveillance cameras are assigned an IP address. The IP-based system leverages your existing CAT5e cable for your computer network, reducing the amount of cable and, ultimately, saving you money. Plus, IP protocol allows the cameras to be accessed via the internet; whether on-site or off, you can view the cameras from any computer or mobile device that is connected to the internet.

It’s Digital!

Viewing surveillance information has changed remarkably. No longer are we required to undertake the inefficient, time consuming and laborious process of forwarding and reversing VCR tapes to monitor an event. With digital technology, the process is event driven. Events are logged and recorded with a point-and-click process. The digital cameras are high resolution, very bright, and supply brilliant color images. The cameras have night-vision capability, as well.